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After The Creator Economy is a publication that explores constructive alternatives for the ways we produce, distribute, and monetize creative work online.

We spoke with leading artists, thinkers, and builders about creating a more collaborative, resilient, meaningful, and democratic online creative ecosystem.

Interviews include: Nathan Schneider, Mat Dryhurst, Samantha Marin, Pictureplane, Calum Bowden, Kyle Chayka, Amber Case, Gabriella Garcia, Nati Linares, Trebor Scholz, Ziv Schneider, and Kei Kreutler.

The limited edition publication was produced in partnership with co—matter, a research and strategy studio in Berlin. It is Metalabel’s first onchain record and sixth release.

Support this release by collecting a onchain record or purchasing a standalone physical copy of the zine. Each onchain record also includes a physical copy of the magazine.

Severin Matusek

Severin Matusek


Austin Robey

Austin Robey


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After The Creator Economy Magazine

There’s been a tendency within the platform world to flatten our culture under one economic model.

Mat Dryhurst

I think the average creator’s relationship with platforms is BDSM. One without good boundaries. The creator is always in a subspace and no one's ever coming to comfort them.

Amber Chase

What if artists and designers word organize into worker-led, self-organized, and self-managed organizations — organizations that are small and local, but networked internationally using shared digital infrastructure?

Trebor Scholz

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